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DC Flooring was  established in 1999. Since then we have been supplying and installing quality flooring throughout the UK. We price ourselves on being able to deliver the complete flooring package for our customers. Exceeding people expactations and delivering a faultless floor with minimum fliss is key to our growing business.


Striving for complete satisfaction whatever the size of project, we believe is the reason we have become so successfull. Every job is different and everybody has different requirements. each job needs to be planned and executed individually.

Our work

We are 100% committed to every project and pride ourselves on an intelligent, flexible and honest approach.We use our huge amount of knowledge and experience to help you achieve the gest possible floor for youe application. Our goal is to become your trusted adviser and to work with you to help you deliver your flooring project on time and on budget. 


We have made a commitement to take all reasonable measures to conduct our business in a way that minimises pollution and damage to the environment. We revive and monitor all our business activities and operations in order to identity, understand and evaluate their direct and indirect environment  aspects and effects.

we also encourage our suppliers of goods and services to adopt best environmental practices, and provide good for sustainable sources wherever possible.

it is our aim to minimise the amount of waste generated by our operations and to ensure that materials are recycled where possible or dispossed of in a reasonable manner.

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