• Subfloor Preparation

       At DC Flooring we understand that the construction and preparation of the substrate underneath your floor is just as important as the finish that you have on the surface.

      Firstly, upon survey we will determine what your subfloor is and then provide a detailed plan on how to deal with it. We will test for damp issues, weak substrates and contaminates. Doing this we ensure that your floor is going to last as long as it possibly can and will protect your investment for years to come.

      Shot blasting, dust free grinding, damp proofing, screeding, pump screeding (for large areas), epoxy resins, epoxy floor paints, are just some of the many processes that we carry out.

      Unlike the majority of flooring companies, we have the knowledge, products and machinery to install and carry out you subfloor preparation in-house. The machinery and products are all stock items that are available to us straight away. This means that in circumstances of a floor needing to be mechanically prepared. We do not have to call in external contractors or hire sub standard machinery.

      With our extensive experience and knowledge we will give you a free no obligation quote on the best way to deal with your existing or future subfloor. This is a very important stage, choosing the wrong preparation can result in your floor finish failing which can be extremely costly and traumatic.


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