• Resins


    Resin flooring has an amazing range of benefits for use in all industrial and commercial applications.

    Resin floors are produced by a chemical reaction between polymers which when mixed together create an extremely tough, low maintenance and seamless floor covering.

    "A system that is easily cleanable and extremely hygienic"

     Because of the testing environments that resin floors are put into subfloor preparation is of the upmost importance. The majority of resin floors require a primer which adheres to the mechanically prepared substrate. The resin is then poured on top of the primer, there are numerous different methods and systems that can be used to create different finishes depending on what the situation requires.

  • Once you have contacted us, we will take the time to determine the best possible product that will suit your requirements. The strength of the floor you require is an important factor to consider. The great thing about resin flooring is that it has extremely strength. The thicker applications are approximately twice the strength concrete, these resins are able to cope with constant heavy traffic. Taking this into account its easy to see why the heavy industrial sectors use these systems so much. 

    These floors are perfect for anywhere that needs a hygienic floor surface. Schools, hospitals, kitchens and the food industries are ideal areas for resin systems. The seamless surface that a resin floor gives stops any trapped dirt or bacteria from hiding. When you combine this with the fact that you can steam clean the majority of resin floors this provides a system that is easily cleanable and extremely hygienic.

    Although these floors are known mostly for their practical capabilities, they can also be extremely decorative products. As they are normally of a liquid variety they can be transformed into every possible design you can imagine. This makes them a great option for areas that are seen by the public that will see a lot of foot traffic.

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