• Polished Concrete


    Whether its an industrial warehouse, a domestic kitchen, a retail outlet or a restaurant, polished concrete is fast becoming the fashionable floor finish that provides an extremely hard wearing surface with a stunning contemporary look.

    Polished concrete is a very ambiguous term, this is because what one person calls polished concrete is completely different to what somebody else may call it. We are here to help you with this as much as we can. We have various samples for you to look through to make sure we achieve the finish that you desire.

  • Polished concrete normally involves the grinding of the concrete slab that is already present in a building. In these instances by the time the slab has been grinded the floor will normally show the aggregate (stones) that are running though it. This first pass will take the majority of the imperfections and undulations out of the floor (obviously depending of the state of the floor in the first place). After this less aggressive diamonds are used until the surface is smooth. We can then begin the polishing process, different sheens are possible depending on what system we use and what your desired look is. Concrete polishing by this method is one of the most environmentally sustainable finishes you can have. This is because no products detrimental to the environment are being made, shipped and used.

    "Give your property a real wow factor"

    To achieve a polished concrete floor that does not have the aggregate showing means the actual concrete needs to be laid very carefully. We will need to do this ourselves, this process will achieving stunning results but this is not a cheap finish and is a very high end product.

    Another form of polished concrete is a polished screed (which can also be called microcrete or various other names). This involves thoroughly preparing the subfloor and then applying a blended polymer screed. Once this has dried and we undertake the same polishing process. By using this technique we can achieve a number of stunning finishes that are extremely hard wearing and full of character. These techniques will provide you with a unique floor that will give your property a real "wow factor".

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