• Luxury Vinyl Tiles

    Over the past couple of decades, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (or LVT's for short) have become a massive part of the flooring industry. This is because they are a very versatile product. They combine the beauty of a wooden or stone floor with the wearing characteristics of a vinyl tile. This achieved by a picture of a floor that is sandwiched between PVC on the underneath and a clear wearing surface on top. The wearing surface is also usually embossed to give the effect of either wood grain or undulations on a stone floor.

    When they first came on the market, they were generally very expensive as there wasn't a lot of manufacturers making them. Today the marketplace has been saturated with countless different versions and every option that you can think of can be achieved. As with all vinyl products, LVT's must be laid on top of a perfectly prepared subfloor. Poor subfloor preparation will result in the luxury vinyl tiles showing every imperfection underneath. To achieve a perfect finish a professional needs to fit this product..... and we are here to help.

    "Hard-wearing, practical and aesthetically pleasing" 

    Today LVT's are used in nearly every commercial and domestic application that requires a beautiful looking floor with high wearing characteristics. Offices, schools, hotels, reception areas and shops are all common places to find these products. You may not even notice them, because if fitted correctly they are easily mistaken for wooden, stone or ceramic floors.

    There are a lot of positives for using LVT's over certain products - for instance, real wood. It is considerably harder to scratch than real wood, it is much more resilient to water than real wood, it is warm underfoot. It is easy to replace one plank as the tiles just butt up to each other and don't interlock, you don't need to leave an expansion gap as you do with real wood......the list goes on. This is why this product has become so popular.