• High Build Epoxy Resin

     Our High Build Epoxy Resin is a two pack floor coating system which is perfect for warehouses, workshops, garages, factories and storage areas.

    It is a two coat self priming, coloured epoxy resin floor coating. It can be applied at a total thickness between 300 to 450 microns. This finish can be tailored to the slip resistance you require for your application.

    Preparation is key to the aesthetics and ergonomics of this product, we diamond grind before fitting all of resin floors. This ensures a quality finish that is designed to last.

  • Features and Advantages

    • Reduced downtime - fast curing products to keep your business moving
    • Extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant
    • High slip resistant properties - stop accidents in the workplace
    • Solvent free and low odour 
    • Different colours available for demarcation and line marking
    • Suitable for fork lift traffic
    • Chemical resistant and easy to clean
    • Quality Installations - Fully guaranteed - Free Quotations
  • "Our High Build Epoxy Resin is available in a variety of colours"

    Our experienced installers and quality products ensure a professional finish every time. Don't just take our word for it - check out our testimonials

    We are able to grind and install two coats of high build paint over a weekend, this makes it a perfect application for areas that cannot have any downtime during the week.

    Give us a call today, we can then arrange a site visit. One of experienced team will then come down to asses the condition of your floor and give you the best possible options.