• Deep Cleaning

    Your day to day cleaning programme is extremely important when it comes to looking after your floor. However, every so on deep cleaning will invigorate your floor and bring it back to life. A lot of the time you don't realise how dirty your flooring is until it has a deep clean. Depending on the usage or footfall of your flooring will determine how often we would recommend your product being deep cleaned.

    The product that is on the floor and the time frames that we have to work on the floor are major factors on choosing how to tackle your application.

    The wrong method or cleaning products can result in you flooring being damaged beyond repair, this is why it is very important to have expert advice. Using the correct cleaning products is extremely important as using wrong or inferior product can result in the manufacturer's guarantee is invalidated.  With our specialised machinery and extensive knowledge, you can rest assured that we will make your floor the best it can possibly be. A dirty or poorly maintained floor can have a detrimental effect on your workplace or home.

    When customers need to get back onto their carpets straight away we normally use a dry cleaning technique. When this is combined with our specialized machines there are stunning results and the removal of stains, grit, dirt, allergens are very high.

    Another preferred method that we use is hot water extraction or this is also known as"steam cleaning", this method can result in amazing results and customers cannot believe how much dirt we can actually take out of a floor.

    Whether its steam cleaning, dry cleaning, polishing, scrubbing or buffing we have the machinery to suit.

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