• Concrete Grinding

     Why choose us?

    Because with our state of the art concrete grinding machinery we are able to achieve a number of processes virtually dust free.

    This process is also known as diamond grinding. This is because the segments that are used on the underside of the machines are made of tiny diamonds that are strong enough to grind the concrete. We use small hand held grinders for edging/small areas. On larger areas we use high powered triple headed planetary grinders which leave a really smooth and level floor.  

    As you can see by the before and after pictures just below, our finishing speaks for itself.

  • Paints, epoxy coatings, levelling compounds, adhesives and bitumen can all be removed by our processes. Removing these contaminates from concrete or screeds will provide a clean base which is perfect for your new floor to be laid on.

    Our extremely powerful integrated vacuums ensure that no harmful dust is sent into the air. This means a safe environment for yourself and our fitters to work in without having to breathe in dust particles. The other massive benefit is that the areas that we are working in are kept clean and all of the dust is collected in internal bags. This means that even when the vacuums need to be emptied no dust is sent into the air.

    When choosing a professional to undertake your concrete grinding job, please remember to ask them if their process is actually dust free. The majority of contractors use vacuums that are no strong enough to cope with the dust that a concrete grinding machine will generate. The result of this is harmful dust coating everything i your warehouse/office/home. This can be very costly and time consuming to clean.

    Whether it's grinding, smoothing, levelling, polishing or roughening of substrates we have the machinery and the expertise to take care of it.