Concrete Floor Repairs

"Foreseeing major issues can save thousands of pounds"

We know that any downtime that occurs in your business can result in lost revenue and potentially lost customers. Our concrete floor repair systems are designed to keep your business moving. We have a solution for every repair you can think of……delaminated concrete, impact damage, crack repairs, expansion joint failure, failed coatings, dusting concrete…….etc. Fixing these issues are important, but we also believe that finding and fixing the cause of these problems is just as important. 

Foreseeing major issues can save thousands of pounds, this is why we offer a free fully itemised survey and report for your establishment. This includes cleaning and maintenance suggestions, highlighting of areas that have failed and prevention options if necessary. 

Fast Cure Concrete Repairs that are trafficable by forklifts in 1 hour!

Features And Advantages

"Repairing a concrete floor early can add decades to its life"

Our experienced installers and quality products ensure a professional finish every time. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our testimonials.

Give us a call today, we can then arrange a site visit. One of experienced team will then come down to asses the condition of your floor and give you the best possible options.

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