• Carpet Tiles

    Carpet tiles offer many advantages over traditional broadloom carpet both in design, flexibility and functionality.

    Particularly useful for office environments where traffic is high and there may be localised spillages or stains. They are relatively easy to transport, fast to install and the majority of the time does not require an underlay. When used over a raised access floor they provide the perfect covering as they can easily be removed and changed. This makes desk moves, office changes and new technology being installed an extremely pain-free process.

    "We are here to help you pick out the perfect product"

    Carpet tiles are also suited to an office application as they can be installed while desks and furniture are carefully lifted. The old tiles are removed and new ones put in place. This "lift and shift" technique has been perfected by ourselves over the years. This method of installation creates minimal upheaval and disturbance to our customers and is very popular in busy offices where downtime is not an option.

  • A number of years ago carpet tiles used to be pretty uninspiring to look at and there wasn't plenty of options. Today, the humble carpet tile has been elevated to an amazingly diverse product that is produced in every finish, colour and style you can think of. Some tiles are created with specific health benefits designed into the product. Some help captures and retains fine dust, while others improve sound quality and acoustics.

    We are here to help you pick out the perfect product for your application without you having to wade through the countless options that are on the market. We have direct accounts with all of the market leaders, this includes ForboTesseraMillikenInterfaceBurmatexDessoEge etc. One of our experienced estimators will take the time to understand what you want and need and then provide you with a range of products that will satisfy all of your criteria.