• So you've got the floor that you've always wanted ......This is where the majority of flooring contractors think their work is done. 

      We think differently. The life of your floor has only just begun. You have paid hard earned money to get the finish that you want, the next step is how to keep it looking as good as it possibly can, for as long as it possibly can.

      There are a number of ways we can help you achieve this. Firstly and most importantly, there are some considerations that need to be made long before your floor has been laid. 

      How much and what kind of traffic will your floor be taking? How much dirt is going to be dragged into this area? What machinery will be available to clean the area?......These are all questions that need to be answered before we help you choose the right product for the right area.

      Once we have determined this we can provide you with a full maintenance plan that will take your needs into consideration. This will include an assessment of your current entrance system, a detailed recommended day to day cleaning plan and also a long term deep cleaning and maintenance plan. Our maintenance plan is also available for floors that we haven't laid. 

      We are also specialists at sanding and sealing of tired wooden floors, see our Wood Sanding and Sealing page for more details.

      Call us now for free advice or a quotation, we're here to help.